Becoming a Foster Parent

Getting Started

Foster parenting is a challenging yet rewarding full-time job and privilege. Fostering may not be for everyone, but those who dedicate themselves completely to a child’s care experience an unparalleled lifetime of fulfillment.

To begin your journey to becoming a foster parent contact the Life Start team today. Whether you are ready to get started or would like additional information, we want to hear from you!


“It took research and patience when deciding which fostering agency to choose. I couldn’t be happier with Life Start, so understanding and supportive to all my needs. Knowledgeable and professional!!!”
“From a very young age, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up! I would say, ‘A nurse and a mommy!’ At the age of 14 having lived in an orphanage (no foster homes in my day), my aunt asked again what I wanted to do when I graduated? I responded, ‘A nurse, a Mom, and have Foster Kids!’ Today I live it all out! I know this is where God wants me to be and it makes the challenging days so much easier to manage! But while I intended to do something for children who were displaced THEY do so much more for me! They are my little Gurus who show me what is truly unconditional love! They teach me about myself and I grow in so many ways, patience, perseverance, endurance, just to mention a few. But I think the biggest is FORGIVENESS! When people remark, ‘You are such a blessing to these kids,’ I have to very humbly respond, ‘NO, they are a blessing to me!’”
“My husband and I reside with our three children who have severe disabilities. Our lives are busy and at times stressful, but very meaningful. We always know, at the end of any hectic or challenging day, that we are doing the right thing with our lives. As we look at the smiling faces of our special children, we know we are truly blessed.”